Proposed Timeline for Wisconsin Presidential Recount

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Monday morning the Wisconsin Election Commission will meet to approve a proposed timeline for the presidential recount. A memo from the Commission’s Interim Administrator Michael Hass says the recount will begin on December 1 and must be finished by December 13.

Hass writes “Under federal law, there is a ‘safe harbor’ provision which requires any election dispute involving a presidential election to be settled within 35 days of Election Day, which is December 13, 2016 in this case. The federally prescribed Electoral College procedures put a premium on states resolving post- election disputes by the safe harbor date, in this case by December 13.”

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Here is the timeline outlined in the memo:

Friday, November 25: Both petitions received.

Monday, November 28: Cost estimates and vote tabulation method provided by county clerk to WEC by noon. WEC provides estimated statewide costs to both the Stein and De La Fuente campaigns by close of business.

Tuesday, November 29: Stein and/or De La Fuente campaign submits payment to
WEC. Once full payment is received by either campaign, the WEC will issue a recount order to all presidential candidates.

Wednesday, November 30: WEC staff will hold a teleconference for all county clerks and canvass members to go over the recount rules and processes. The teleconference is tentatively scheduled for 10 a.m. and will be held via webinar. Invitation instructions will be sent out next week to all county clerks. A 24-hour public meeting notice is required for the recount and therefore each county should post its notice by this date.

Thursday, December 1: Recount begins in all Wisconsin Counties. A 24-hour public meeting notice is required.

Tuesday, December 13: Recounts must be completed under federal law. County canvass boards need to be completed by noon. WEC staff will prepare the official recount canvass certification by 3 p.m.

Memo below:

Proposed TimeLine for Wisconsin Recount by mcint011 on Scribd

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