Jill Stein Addresses Wisconsin Recount Volunteers

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Jill Stein addresses Wisconsin supporters via Skype

Wisconsin Green Party

Jill Stein addresses Wisconsin supporters via Skype

The presidential candidate who demanded, paid and is getting a recount of Wisconsin votes spoke Tuesday night to the people who will be her eyes and ears.

Via Skype, Green Party candidate Jill Stein thanked those gathered for a training on how to be recount observers. “Thank you for being the inspiration to the nation,” she told the crowd in the room and those who were watching online via Facebook.

Stein explained why she was paying more than $3.5 million dollars for the Wisconsin recount, even though she has no chance of winning the election. “This is about helping all the voters so we can have confidence in our election system.”

Wisconsin’s recount will begin on Thursday, Dec. 1, and must be completed by 8pm on Monday, Dec. 12.

Pre-recount results show that Donald Trump won Wisconsin by 27,257 votes over Hillary Clinton. Stein is seeking recounts in Michigan, where Trump won by a smaller 10,704 vote margin and in Pennsylvania, where Trump won by 70,638 votes. It is unlikely that any of the recounts will change the three states’ electoral votes — which all went to Trump. But if they did all reverse and go to Clinton, she would be elected president.

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