New Lawsuit, Few Vote Total Changes In Wisconsin Recount

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A federal judge denied a move to stop Wisconsin’s recount on Friday as the Wisconsin Elections Commission urged tabulators to press on. Two political action committees supporting president-elect Donald Trump asked for an immediate stop to the counting, citing the precedent set in the famed Bush v. Gore case that stopped the recount in Florida and gave its electoral votes to George W. Bush, making him president.

U.S. District Judge James Peterson wrote there is no need to halt the recount just yet because it will not do any immediate harm to Republican President-elect Donald Trump or his supporters. The judge wants both sides in the case to lay out written arguments before he takes any action; he has scheduled a hearing for next Friday — just three days before the recount is scheduled to be completed.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Election Commission urged workers to keep counting unless a court orders them to stop.

Vote totals

A spreadsheet released by the Wisconsin Elections Board last night appears to indicate there have been very few changes in the vote totals. The spreadsheet does not include absentee votes in Milwaukee, so it is hard to tell if vote totals have changed. Our analysis shows that if the partial totals for Milwaukee County are removed — along with other obviously incomplete totals — Hillary Clinton has picked up a net of four votes and Trump has gained six votes. So Trump’s lead has increased by a net of two votes. Jill Stein picked up 24 votes, Gary Johnson gained 13 and Rocky De La Fuente gained 3.

Our spreadsheet analysis: wisconsin-recount-day2-no-milwaukee

Federal lawsuit filed by pro-Trump Political Action Committees

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