Wisconsin Recount Results Through Sunday Night Still Lack Milwaukee Absentee Totals

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The only thing clear from the results of Wisconsin’s presidential recount so far is there has not been changes vote totals large enough that could change the outcome.

Still missing are meaningful results from Milwaukee since the absentee ballots have not been added into the total, making it difficult to determine from the spreadsheet if there have been any substantial changes.

Here is the latest spreadsheet from the Wisconsin Election Commission which was released around 3:30pm Monday and contains totals through Sunday Dec 4.

These are the notes the WEC released with the spreadsheet. (Notes in parentheses are The UpTake’s analysis on what those notes mean).

Sheboygan County has submitted preliminary recount results. We are awaiting further verification before including these numbers with our update.

These are the explanations provide by clerks for differences in numbers between canvass and the recount:

Milwaukee County: We are currently awaiting clarification regarding the recount totals for Town of Hales Corners Wards 7-9
(Note this reduced Trump’s total by 119, Clinton’s total by 128 and other candidates by 8)

Outagamie County: Addition of 1 vote to Day 5’s City of Appleton Ward 41 totals. A Ward 41 ballot was found with ballots for Ward 38 during the recount. (Net impact is no change for any candidate from original totals)

Ozaukee County: Increase of 29 votes in Village of Newburg Ward 3 due to a typo in original canvas results for Trump/Pence numbers. (Gain of 29 votes for Donald Trump)

Waukesha County: An additiona of 1 vote to Day 5’s Town of Delafield Wards 1,2,5,6 totals. Corrected to show 1 additional vote for Trump/Pence (Net result is loss of 2 votes for Trump, loss of two votes for Clinton)

Bottom line: When we eliminate the City of Milwaukee because the results are partial and the Town of Hales Corners Ward 7-9 because the changes have no explanation yet, the changes in votes appear to be:
Trump +84
Castle +10
Johnson +19
Stein +31
Moorehead +1
De La Fuente -10

So Trump’s lead has increased by 21 over Clinton with about 38% of the vote recounted. Trump started the recount leading Clinton by 27,257 votes.

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