Coleman Runs For MN Governor, Noncommittal On Abiding By DFL Endorsement

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St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman speaks after being sworn in for his third term in January 2014

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman speaks after being sworn in for his third term in January 2014

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman expects to get the DFL endorsement for Minnesota governor in 2018, but he’s noncommittal about running in the primary if he doesn’t get the backing of his party’s delegates.

Coleman announced just 13 days ago that he would not seek a fourth term as mayor of St. Paul and at the time indicated he was considering running for governor. The field of candidates running for the office is expected to be large since Governor Mark Dayton has announced he would not seek a third term. Coleman is the second DFL candidate to announce. Rep. Erin Murphy was the first candidate to say she was running. So far no Republicans have said they will run.

Unlike Murphy, Coleman did not emphatically state that he would abide by the DFL’s endorsement process.

“I’ve been blessed to have the DFL endorsement three times as I’ve run for mayor and every time I’ve gone in and the only way I can think about that is I’m going to get the endorsement. That’s why I’m running as hard as I am. That’s what I’m anticipating. So, we’re going to get the endorsement and we’re gong to run strong as a united party,” Coleman said in a radio interview with me on Wednesday.

“OK, but I’m not hearing you say you’re going to abide by it if you didn’t get it,” I replied.

“I’ve been honored to have the endorsement three times for mayor and I’m going to get it for governor in 2018,” said Coleman.

Coleman said jobs, education and public safety would be the focus of his campaign. “I haven’t talked to a Democrat, Republican or Independent that isn’t concerned about those things.”

Full interview from AM950 radio is above.

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