Video Replay: Protests, Objections Disrupt Final Count Of Electoral Votes In Congress

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White House

Despite objections from several Representatives and outbursts from protesters in the gallery, Vice President Joe Biden completes the counting of electoral votes and declares that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States effective January 20, 2017 for a four year term. Mike Pence has been elected Vice President of the United States.

Biden who was acting as President of the Senate, quoted the constitution that objections cannot be made or debated unless they are signed by at least one Representative and one Senator. None of the objections raised during the count were signed by a Senator.


304 votes for Trump
227 votes for Hillary Clinton
3 votes for Colin Powell
1 vote for John Kasich
1 vote for Ron Paul
1 vote for Spotted Eagle
1 vote for Bernie Sanders

Video above: full event
Video below: objections raised
Video at bottom: Vice President Joe Biden’s comments at end of session.

Michael McIntee

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