Why They Came: MN Women’s Marchers United Against Trump

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“The election was an awakening and people are off the couch,” said a woman as thousands of marchers streamed behind her near the Capitol on Saturday. “Lots of people are off the couch.”

St. Paul Police estimate about 100,000 people participated in the Minnesota Women’s March. They brought creative signs that ranged from the profound to the profane expressing their disgust with the country’s new president, Donald Trump.

“It’s a pussy hat,” said a smiling elderly woman wearing a pink knit hat. “As a push back to… DT,” unable to bring her self to utter Trump’s name.

Video and photos from rally

Video at top: Marchers talk about why they are here
Photos below: Signs and people at march

The rally, one of approximately 600 around the country and around the world, attracted young and old alike. It was commonplace to see three generations of one family marching in the cold and drizzly day. The matriarch of one family pointed out her daughter and granddaughters and then wondered aloud how Trump won the election. “We don’t understand how anybody could have fallen for that stuff.”

Lots of anger, but also lots of peaceful resolve to not accept the Trump agenda and the make America right again.

“What brings me out here is to make a positive statement that we are all in this together during this time of history where Trump is president,” said State Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL-Minneapolis). “This is what building a movement is all about. And that is what we need to do over these next few years.”

MN Women's March

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