MN Leaders Vow To Fight Trump Immigration Orders To Avoid “Dictatorship”

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Immigration news conference at capitol

MN Senate Media

Immigration news conference at capitol

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is former refugee, a Muslim, a mom of three, and the first Somali-American legislator in the United States.

She was among a large bipartisan group of Minnesota leaders who vowed to resist President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration on Wednesday. Omar noted that many refugees come to the United States because the fear for their lives in their home country.

“The irony in this is that this country that people are fleeing to is becoming one of tyranny, it’s becoming one of dictatorship and it’s becoming one that is turning its face against the values that it is supposed to stand for.”

Trump said his executive orders were aimed at securing America’s borders and preventing illegal immigration. He is directing the federal government to cut off funding to Minneapolis and other “sanctuary cities” because the local police are not allowed to act as arms of federal immigration.

Minneapolis Mayor Set To Defy Trump

Video at top: Rep. Ilhan Omar
Video above: Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges
Video at bottom: Entire press conference

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said Minneapolis has what she called a “separation” ordinance “so that victims of crime, witnesses of crime know that when they call the police they will be treated well and they will be safe to do so and their immigration status will not be questioned.”

“And as I stand as mayor, he’s going to have to get through me. But part of the reason I can say that is I know I am not standing alone like this. I’ve got all these people. I’ve got an entire city. I’ve got an entire state standing behind me when I do it. He’s going to have to get through all of us.”

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