MN Peace Activists React To US Attack On Syria: “Wars Are Built On Lies”

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MN Peace Activists React To US Attack On Syria

MN Peace Activists React To US Attack On Syria

About 200 people gathered at Hiawatha and Lake on Saturday April 8, 2017 to react to air strikes the US launched against Syria.

Poet and citizen activist Misty Rowan said, “We have been protesting at this intersection since at least 2013. The last president tried to foment a war. This president’s going to try to foment a war. If Hillary Clinton was the president, she would try to foment a war. … This is nothing new and this is not the last of it.”

Longtime peace activist Marie Braun said she expected to protest wars “for the rest of our lives. Wars are built on lies. They just go on and on. Especially when we have a country that relies almost exclusively on the military.”

Video and statement from Peace Activists

A statement from Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and endorsed by the Anti-War Committee said:

“On Thursday, April 6, the Trump Administration launched air strikes against Syria government military facilities. These strikes, carried out in response to allegations of Syria chemical weapons use, only make the world a more dan­gerous place.U.S. military intervention is not intended to help people, or to resolve internal conflicts of small nations in a humanitarian manner. U.S. intervention only serves the interests of the U.S. elite, who care nothing of Syrian people or the people of the Middle East.The U.S. government has carried out an endless series of wars and interven­tion for 14 years in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. This new escalation will only lead to more dead, injured and displaced”

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