MN GOP Reps Won’t Promise A Hearing On Gun Bills

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In Minnesota’s legislature, Rep. Brian Johnson (R) and Rep. Joe Schomacker (R) are put on the spot by Rep. Dave Pinto (DFL) and asked if their committees will hear the gun violence bills that are being proposed that have been waiting for a hearing for more than a year. Republican chaired committees gave hearings to “stand your ground” gun bills last year.

“We’ll take your request under consideration,” said Johnson.

“No commitments today, but we are reviewing a series of different issues that we’ll be considering during the legislative session this year,” said Schomacker.

UPDATE: Rep. Johnson has scheduled a hearing on Rep. Pinto’s bills for Thursday March 1 at 10:15am. Watch the live UpTake video on Facebook.

Watch the captioned video above.

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