Dean Phillips discusses impeachment, guns during Sept. 7 town hall

Phillips continues to hold frequent town halls as he met with hundreds of constituents in the Chanhassen High School auditorium during a Sept. 7 town hall meeting.

Phillips discussed his personal observations of Congress, citing thee separate busses for each party, the lack of any meetings other than hearings, “with our backs to each other.” He has worked to build bi-partisan actions and mentioned Ted Cruz and Mark Andrews as possible partners.

The first question was on impeachment.

“Why did it take so long?” He said, “I did not run for Congress to impeach the president, I did run for Congress to hold the administration accountable and the we are doing,” Phillips said. “No prosecutor will indict until the investigation is complete.”

He reported that member Nadler and others were proceeding carefully to build the case for impeachment and until that happens, he will wait. In a previous town hall he explained his concern about serious party divisions if impeachment happens, at that time he said he would lose all the relationships he had made with Republican members.

Other issues raised, included climate change, guns, and health care. He repeated his assertion that he is more concerned about gun violence than about gun control. He did decry the unusual control the NRA holds over Congress, but he reported that it is decreasing.

Phillips returns to Congress after the recess with a full plate of constituent concerns.

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