2021 Voter Guide, Ward 12, City of Minneapolis: Andrew Johnson

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By: JT Pinther, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary Endorsements
    1. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)
    2. DFL Minneapolis
    3. Stonewall DFL
    4. Senator Patricia Torres Ray
    5. Several local and state unions
  2. Brief Background: Johnson is the first millennial to serve on the Minneapolis City Council. He is a small business owner and served on the Longfellow Community Council, being elected to council president his second year. Johnson currently lives in the Howe neighborhood.
  3. Primary Issues
    1. Police Accountability – Believes police need to be part of the City’s public safety system, but “we cannot continue to expect every problem to be solved by a police officer, nor dysfunction within the institution of MPD to be solved via minor reforms.”
    2. Charter Amendments – In favor of Department of Public Safety; opposed rent stabilization
    3. Education – n/a
    4. Racial Justice (gen.) – One of only three council members to vote against the East Phillips Water Yard; co-authored several BIPOC-related resolutions, including speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline and fought to repeal the lurking and spitting ordinances.
    5. Other major issues/priorities – small businesses; public health; affordable housing; climate change and the 2040 Comp Plan.
  4. Best Way to Learn More Information
    1. Andrew Johnson Campaign Website | Minneapolis City Council Page

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