2021 Voter Guide, Ward 12, City of Minneapolis: Nancy Ford

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By: JT Pinther, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary Endorsements
    1. Operation Safety Now
  2. Brief Background: Ford is a small business owner and has lived in Minneapolis most of her life. She specifically mentions she is running as an Independent because she “believe[s] elected city officials should be nonpartisan. They should represent the people of Minneapolis before they represent a political party.”
  3. Primary Issues
    1. Police Accountability – Against defunding the police; supports police reform and Chief Arrondondo
    2. Charter Amendments – n/a
    3. Education – n/a
    4. Racial Justice (gen.) – n/a
    5. Other major issues/priorities – Increasing homeownership; small businesses and environment
  4. Best Way to Learn More Information: Nancy Ford Campaign Website

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