2021 Voter Guide, Ward 5, City of Minneapolis: Cathy Spann

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By: JT Pinther, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary endorsements:
    1. DFL Senior Caucus
    2. Operation Safety Now
  2. Brief background: Resident of North Minneapolis for more than 25 years; executive director of the Jordan Area Community Council. Spann was nominated to sit on Minnesota’s Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council.
  3. Primary Issues:
    1. Police accountability: Supports Chief Arradondo, police reform. Advocates for collaborative systemic change. 
    2. Charter amendments: n/a
    3. Education: n/a
    4. Racial justice (gen.): “I will work within a system that hasn’t always been receptive to BIPOC communities in addressing issues that impact our lives.” Sees housing stability as an important anti-racism action.
    5. Other major issues/priorities: Housing stability; creating “equitable employment opportunities.”
  4. Best way to learn more information: Cathy Spann Campaign Website

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