2021 Voter Guide, Ward 5, City of Minneapolis: Victor Martinez

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By JT Pinther, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary endorsements:
    1. Operation Safety Now
    2. Teamsters Joint Council 32
  2. Brief background: A pastor of New Generation Church and resident of North Minneapolis for 17 years. Married, father of three, entrepreneur, community organizer. Martinez has worked with the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization program and helped lead the Northside Residential Redevelopment Council.
  3. Primary issues:
    1. Police accountability: Supports Chief Medaria Arradondo, police reform. “We need more law enforcement more then [sic] ever before.” 
    2. Charter amendments: n/a
    3. Education: n/a
    4. Racial justice (gen.): n/a
    5. Other major issues/priorities: Focused primarily on increasing police presence on Northside, developing metrics to “ID troubled cops early on.” Aims to create a youth development fund, support seniors, create jobs and support environmental justice issues.
  4. Best way to learn more information: Victor Martinez Campaign Website

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