2021 Voter Guide, Ward 6, City of Minneapolis: Jamal Osman

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By: JT Pinther, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary endorsements:
    1. AFSCME Council 5
    2. Operation Safety Now (but Osman rejected the endorsement in an August 5, 2021 Facebook post)
  2. Brief background: Refugee and longtime resident of Ward 6, living in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. Osman is a certified mental health first aid instructor. Prior to being elected to the City Council, Osman worked for Common Bond Communities in the Social Services department.
  3. Primary issues:
    1. Police Accountability: Supports “reform” but says “the MPD [needs] to be fundamentally re-imagined.” Says the MPD is often “openly hostile” toward BIPOC in the community. 
    2. Charter Amendments: In favor of rent stabilization, in favor of Department of Public Safety
    3. Education – n/a
    4. Racial Justice (gen.): Nothing found beyond police-related issues.
    5. Other major issues/priorities: Affordable housing, youth empowerment, mental health and the opioid crisis. “We need a coordinated approach with law enforcement and government services, working together with a focus on treatment and recovery, not policing.”
  4. Best way to learn more information: Jamal Osman Campaign Website | Minneapolis City Council Page

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