2021 Voter Guide, Ward 9, City of Minneapolis: Yussuf Haji

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By: Sheila Regan, Freelance Journalist

  1. Primary endorsements:
    1. Rep. Hodan Hassan (62 A)
    2. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Commissioner AK Hassan
    3. Former Minnesota Senate candidate Osman Ali Ahmed
  2. Brief background: Like Mickey Moore, Yussuf Haji also ran against U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar in 2020. He has now set his sights on Ward 9. He’s the recipient of the courage award by the Council of American and Islamic Relations, and cites Paul Wellstone as a major inspiration.
  3. Primary issues:
    1. Police accountability: Haji supports police reform efforts including an end to qualified immunity, and requiring police officers to carry liability insurance. He also favors creating a civilian oversight board, and ending prosecution for reporting police conduct.
    2. Charter amendments: Haji has stated on Facebook his support for a coalition of “community organizations introducing a Minneapolis city charter amendment proposal.”
    3. Education: On Twitter, Haji has emphasized the importance of fighting for student loan relief. He has also decried inequities exacerbated by distance learning.
    4. Racial justice (gen.): Haji believes that health disparities are a major priority. For example, as stated on his website, he wants more funding for racial bias training in health care.
    5. Other major issues/priorities: The Opioid crisis is an important issue to Haji, and he wants to create community coalitions to raise awareness to address the issue.
  4. Best way to learn more information: hajiforward9.com

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