5,000 March Against Trump Immigrant Travel Ban In Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis was jammed Tuesday night with thousands of people opposed to President Donald Trump’s executive orders preventing immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

These Election Judges Want To Decide Who Can Vote

Change the rules be cause votes are being stolen and people are registering same day as the election say “election judge” sticker wearing supporters of a lawsuit to change Minnesota voting rules just days before the election.

Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen

Battling ‘Minnesota Nice’, Structural Racism And White Privilege

“So can we talk about race?” asked Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen to a nearly all-white League of Women Voters gathering at a south Minneapolis restaurant. The co-founder of the INTER-RACE Institute, a diversity think tank located at Augsburg College said structural racism is alive in Minnesota because people don’t talk about it enough.

Erik Paulsen & Terri Bonoff

CD3 Paulsen Bonoff Debate – Captioned Video and Transcript

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi were not in the room, but they were certainly talked about a lot in the first debate in what promises to be a hard fought campaign in Minnesota’s third congressional district.