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Dean Phillips speaks at June town hall

Dean Phillips

Story and Video by Bill Sorem
New CD3 Congressman Dean Phillips had promised town halls every month in his district, moving around the area to make it easier for constituents to participate. A crowd of about 300 gave him a standing room only audience in the Gillespie Center in Mound on June 15. His brief introductory remarks take about his new experiences in Washington and his steadfast refusal of PAC money. He commented on overtures from Republicans Senator Ted Cruz and House member Mark Meadows to work on joint legislation, two members of Congress with strongly opposing political views. Phillips had visited the southern border with a group of Congress members and he says he was deeply moved by what he saw. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Let the Moment Pass, says civil rights leader Josie Johnson


Story and Video by Bill Sorem
Josie Johnson spoke at the Minneapolis League of Women Voters 2019 Annual Meeting in North Minneapolis. Johnson, active civil rights leader, former acting director of the Minneapolis Urban League, University vice president and provost, and the first Black Regent at the University of Minnesota spoke to LWV members and friends at the Annual Meeting, June 11, 2019. (more…) Continue Reading →

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10 Minute Walk to a Park

LVW Screenshot

Story and Video by Bill Sorem
A 10 minute walk to a park for 97% of the Minneapolis population was one of the metrics that has traditionally kept Minneapolis on the top of the listing of cities park systems by The Trust For Public Land. The 2019 listing had Minneapolis in 3rd place, behind St.Paul which was in second. First place went to Washington D.C. In 2018, Minneapolis was in first place for the 6th consecutive year, with St. Paul 2nd. Christensen noted that this was a nice honor, but only one of the considerations in park system planning. Continue Reading →

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Legislature Fails To Protect Poor From Financial Predators

Grant Stevensen- ISAIAH

Businesses are driving poor people further into poverty says a group of Minnesota religious leaders. Their new report on “poverty profiteering” says inaction by Minnesota lawmakers is to blame along with payday lenders, big banks, and wall street. Continue Reading →

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Lowry Grove Residents Refuse to Lose Homes After Surprise Property Sale to Corporate Developer


Lowry Grove residents own their own homes, but not the land under them. The land owner plans to kick them out, demolish the homes that can’t be moved and sell the land. Residents are trying to raise $6 million to stop the sale before a June 11 deadline. Continue Reading →

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