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Thank you to all who joined us for our first Community Cafe at Sammy’s Avenue Eatery on Tues. the 16th! Many of you might not know this but The UpTake has been going through a period of transition since I’ve taken over. News organizations, including our own, have struggled to find sustainability and, even more so, we’ve struggled to understand what our role is in an ever-changing world that distrusts journalism and journalists. We also believe that it’s time for journalism to reconsider who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Hagedorn Echoes Trump-Style Talking Points In CD1 Debate

Black Lives Matter is “extreme,” and the federal government needs to focus on preventing “Islamic terrorists” from voting or even entering the U.S.— just some of the positions held both by Republican congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Legislature Fails To Protect Poor From Financial Predators

Businesses are driving poor people further into poverty says a group of Minnesota religious leaders. Their new report on “poverty profiteering” says inaction by Minnesota lawmakers is to blame along with payday lenders, big banks, and wall street.