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Funding Services for Special Needs Children is Minnesota Value, says Dayton

Click Picture to View of Dayton's News Conference in St Cloud

Following his participation in a roundtable discussion at the Apollo School for special needs children in St. Cloud, Tuesday, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton briefed reporters on the government shutdown and the current political impasse over funding. Continue Reading →

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“A Report Card is Coming, and (GOP Freshmen) Won’t be Coming Back”

St. Paul City Council Member Melvin Carter

Several thousand union members rallied at the State Capitol to lament the public-sector workers who are unemployed under a government shutdown, to protest the GOP’s all-cuts budget, and to commend Governor Dayton for fighting to increase taxes on Minnesota millionaires. Continue Reading →

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Rybak Sees Solution in North Minneapolis Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak talked to The UpTake’s Chuck Olsen at Netroots Nation about the Minneapolis Promise, the mayor’s plan to export Minnesota’s crazy politicians (and keep the sane ones) and how he will appeal to the White House for federal aid for North Minneapolis, which was ravaged by a tornado on May 22. Continue Reading →

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MN School Trust Lands: Contemplating the Golden Goose


With the Minnesota budget crunch, there is pressure in the legislature to increase revenues from School Trust Lands. To some in the legislature there is concern that the DNR management protects the environment rather than extracting the maximum short term gains from the lands. Continue Reading →

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