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NRA Uses Fear To Sell Guns, Says Minnesota State Senator

Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL-Fridley)

Minnesota State Senator Barb Goodwin (Democratic Farm Labor party) says that a “shoot first” gun bill proposed by Republicans would make Minnesota seem like the wild west. She tells how her father was a postman and how this would add fear to that line of work. Continue Reading →

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Protect “Manoomin” Wild Rice from Sulfates, say Native Americans


A group of Anishinaabeg and non-Native peoples gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol on Wednesday to protest proposed legislative changes that would remove the protection of “Manoomin,” or Minnesota wild rice from harmful sulfates. Native peoples consider Manoomin a spiritual food. Continue Reading →

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MN School Trust Lands: Contemplating the Golden Goose


With the Minnesota budget crunch, there is pressure in the legislature to increase revenues from School Trust Lands. To some in the legislature there is concern that the DNR management protects the environment rather than extracting the maximum short term gains from the lands. Continue Reading →

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Four-time MN Governor Candidate Ken Pentel Sees Tipping Point Coming

Ken Pentel

Three time Green Party candidate for Minnesota Governor and The Ecology Democracy Party candidate in 2010, Ken Pentel boasts an aggressive social agenda. It includes an ecology-based economy, proportional representation in the Minnesota House of Representatives and removing corporate funds from elections, which he says out to be publicly funded. Continue Reading →

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Replay – Iron Range Delegation Opposes Raid on Douglas J. Johnson Fund

Representative Tom Rukavina on house floor during special session

State Rep. Tom Anzelc (Chair, Iron Range Delegation) State Rep. Tom Rukavina (Chair, Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board) and other members from the Iron Range Delegation will hold a press conference today at 11 a.m. in State Office Building Room 181. Continue Reading →

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