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Shouts of “Shame” as Wisconsin Republicans Pass Anti-Union Bill Through Assembly

Democratic Members of the Wisconsin Assembly

Protesters seated in the rafters yelled “Shame”, and orange-clad Democrats stood and tried to stop the bill, as Speaker Fitzgerald and the Republicans rammed Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation through the Wisconsin State Assembly this afternoon. Continue Reading →

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Madison Firefighters Prez Calls For General Strike


Click to Play Madison Firefighters union President Joe Conway says a general public strike would be an appropriate response to the Wisconsin Senate voting to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. The union members would need to approve it by Conway is advocating walking off the job.Tags: firefighters, madison, wearewi, scott walker, general strike, wiunion Continue Reading →

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Teachers, Firefighters, Businesses “Getting Screwed” By Gov Walker

People in Madison talk about workers rights

How does Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s push to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights impact people? A mother of a teacher, a firefighter and a farmer’s wife says she encouraged her kids to go into these honorable professions and “now they’re getting screwed for it. It’s not fair”. Continue Reading →

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Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown Begs David Koch For Money

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)

At the public dedication of MIT’s David H. Koch Integrative Cancer Institute last Friday, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) effusively thanked conservative billionaire David Koch for supporting his election in 2010 and made a plea for help in his re-election campaign next year. Continue Reading →

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