Legislature Fails To Protect Poor From Financial Predators

Businesses are driving poor people further into poverty says a group of Minnesota religious leaders. Their new report on “poverty profiteering” says inaction by Minnesota lawmakers is to blame along with payday lenders, big banks, and wall street.

Nekima Levy-Pounds testifies at a House hearing on police body cams

Why The NAACP Opposes MN Police Body Cam Bill

Trust of the police and the justice system when it comes to people of color is low. So it may be surprising that the Minneapolis NAACP is against a bill in the Minnesota legislature that would pave the way for more cities to equip their police with “body cams” that could show conclusively if an officer took inappropriate action.

Video Replay: “Making A Murderer” Defense Attorney Discusses Avery Case

Is our criminal justice fair? That’s been one of the central questions among Minnesota lawmakers as they figure out how to deal with a growing prison population and is also at the center of a Netflix documentary series called “Making a Murder.” The defense attorney in the case speaks to Minnesota lawmakers.