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Feds Sign Check to Fund Twin Cities Central Corridor Light Rail


Yesterday at the Minnesota State Revenue Building, Governor Mark Dayton, Senator Al Franken, Rep. Betty McCollum, Mayors R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman joined a handful of other officials to celebrate the federal government signing a check to fund half of the Twin Cities Central Corridor Light Rail line. Continue Reading →

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Bypassing Bumper-to-Bumper Gridlock


The problem: congestion on Minnesota highways and roads, the rising cost of fuel, parking/space issues in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
The solution-maker: Transit for Livable Communities and other organizations advocating for a vibrant public transportation system, included buses, light rail trains and bicycle paths. Continue Reading →

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MN Rep Beard Admits GOP Opposition to Light Rail Both Economical and Ideological


Before the House floor session began today at noon, House Transportation Finance Committee Chair Mike Beard (GOP) spoke to the press and outlined the Republicans’ proposed transportation finance legislation, which would increase funding for roads and bridges in rural Minnesota but eliminate money for a planned light rail train between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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GOP All-Cuts Budget Targets Called “Fake”, “Silly” and Lacking Fiscal Discipline

2011 Legislative Session

“Despite their rhetoric of ‘no new taxes’, Republicans are proposing huge tax increases on every homeowner and renter in the state,” DFL Senator John Marty said today at a joint news conference with Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk. Continue Reading →

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Replay – DFL Sens. Bakk, Marty Attack GOP Senate Tax Bill

Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk

DFL Senators Tom Bakk and John Marty held a news conference in the Minnesota State Capitol this morning where they attacked the GOP-controlled Senate’s Omnibus Tax Bill, which includes deep cuts to property tax relief programs such as Local Government Aid and the renters’ property tax refund program. Continue Reading →

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