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Occupy MN to Defend U.S. Marine’s Foreclosed Home

Click on Photo to View Interview with Bobby Hull

On Tuesday, Occupy MN will occupy their third foreclosed home in Minneapolis. This time the activist group will come to the aid of Bobby Hull, a Vietnam veteran with the Marine Corp., who first began living in his South Minneapolis home when his mother bought it in 1968. Continue Reading →

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Iraq War Over. Troops Home By Holidays

President Obama talks about the end of the Iraq war during his weekly address

President Obama says that the death of Moammar Qadhafi in Libya and the announcement that troops from Iraq will return home by the end of the year are strong reminders that the United States has renewed its leadership in the world. He says the role of our brave pilots and crews has given the Libyan people a chance to seek a democratic future for their children, and after a decade of war in Iraq, the United States is moving forward and focusing on strengthening the economy and security at home. That is why President Obama is calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, give working families a tax break, and put teachers back in our classrooms and cops on the beat. He says we must bring the same sense of urgency to revitalizing our economy that our troops took to their fight, which is why President Obama is urging Republicans and Democrats to work together to pass the American Jobs Act now to put the American people back to work. Full Text of President Obama’s weekly address. Continue Reading →

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Alliant Tech Systems Protesters Celebrate Gandhi’s 142nd Birthday

Click Photo to Watch Video of Alliant Action

Members of Alliant Action met in front of Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) headquarters in Eden Prairie on Oct. 2 for the 15th annual commemoration of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s birthday. Gandhi, better known by his honorific Mahatma which means Great Soul in Sanskrit. Gandhi was born Oct. 2, 1869 in India, 142 years ago. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota 9/11 Truth Shares Capitol With Remembrance Celebration

Click Photo to View Video of 9/11 Truth Movement at Minnesota State Capitol

The 9/11 Truth Movement is a growing collection of architects, engineers, pilots, other technical people and some conspiracy theorists who question many of the conclusions reached by the government’s 9/11 investigation committee. Critics, including the mainstream media, dismiss their claims as unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Continue Reading →

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