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Uncomfortable Moment: Perske Attacks Emmer For “Threatening” Divisive Record-Emmer Has No Response

Tom Emmer and Joe Perske shake hands moments after Perske attacks Emmer's record of uncooperative behavior.

In his closing statement Joe Perske (DFL) , who had been reserved and focused on the issues during the debate, took aim at Tom Emmer’s (R) behavior and record in the Minnesota legislature that Perske characterized as “divisive” “bullying, threatening” and “uncooperative” not just to Democrats but to Republicans as well. Emmer declined to respond. Continue Reading →

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Today’s UpTake – Wed Aug 4, 2010

A quick summary of what you need to know about politics today. Minnesota Governor’s race
The big event is the Farmfest debate which features a rare appearance by Republican Tom Emmer.  Emmer has been absent at most of the inter-party debates so far this campaign season.  Video of the debate from a farm field near Redwood Falls will be live streamed on The UpTake as long as the internet connection cooperates. Continue reading and get the latest on endorsements, Congressional races and campaign finance issues. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Rural MN GOP Incumbents Sit Out Farmfest Debate – Full Video

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Republican Representatives John Kline, Michele Bachmann were invited, but did not attend the Minnesota Congressional debate at Farmfest on Tuesday. However, Republican and Independence Party challengers to Representative Tim Walz and Collin Peterson did make the trip to a very steamy farm field near Redwood Falls,Minnesota for the one-hour forum on agricultural issues. Kline’s opponent in the November election will be either DFL endorsed candidate Dan Powers or Powers’ August 10th primary opponent Shelley Madore. Madore participated in the Farmfest debate. Powers was invited, but declined because he had a prior commitment. Continue Reading →

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Clark On Bachmann Skipping Debate

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DFL endorsed candidate for Congress Tarryl Clark is questioning her opponent Representative Michele Bachmann’s priorities. Both Bachmann and Clark were scheduled to appear at today’s Farmfest debate near Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Bachmann did not show up. Clark says Bachmann has been “campaigning by Skype” in other states, but somehow can’t find the time for keeping her promises in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Clark:Michele Bachmann not fighting for Minnesotans

Click to Play Minnesota State Senator Tarryl Clark (DFL) was one of the speakers preceding Al Franken in the closing program for Netroots Nation. Clark is running against Republican Michele Bachmann for Minnesotas U.S. Representative, Sixth District. Clark encouraged activism through door knocking and online, saying that small active donors can outperform large donors. Continue Reading →

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MN CD6 Debate – Bachmann, Tinklenberg, Anderson 10.1.2008

Republican Michelle Bachmann is running for re-election in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.  Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg and independent Bob Anderson are running for her seat.  Tinklenberg is endorsed by both the Democratic and Independent political parties.  Tinklenberg is a former Mayor in the district and was also Minnesota Transportation Commissioner under Gov. Ventura.  Rep. Bachmann is a former tax attorney.  Until recently, Bachmann was known for her passioante support of a constiutional ban on same-sex marriages and civil unions in Minnesota.  This past week she has become a vocal spokesperson for House Republicans opposed to the financial crisis bailout bill.  This debate was held in Stillwater, MN.  
* Continue Reading →

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Rep. Bachmann Glad Wellstone Mental Health Equity Act Will Pass Despite Her Earlier “No” Vote

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann probably didn’t realize The UpTake’s microphone was still on when she started talking to one of her opponents after Wednesday night’s debate.  
She told Bob Anderson, an independent candidate running for Bachmann’s seat, that she was “sure” that the $700 Billion bailout bill was going to pass the House due to the sweeteners added to the bill by the Senate on the night of Wed. Oct. 1st.  
One of the primary sweeteners of the final passage is the Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, a bill that was heavily supported by deceased MN Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone and retiring MN Republican Representative Jim Ramstad among others. Continue Reading →

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Rep. Bachmann Blames Mortgage Crisis On Rules Designed To Help Minorities

Minnesota 6th District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is placing the blame for the current mortgage crisis on actions by the Clinton administration 15 years ago.  
At a hearing Thursday she read portions of a story by Investors’ Business Daily’s Terry Jones which said the rules were written to allow more lending to minorities. (CSPAN video clip to right)
“Loans started being made on the basis of race, and often little else.” said Bachmann reading from the article.  
Earlier this week Bachmann told MPR “too much government intervention” was to blame for the nation’s financial crisis
Democrats Respond
DFL Spokesman Eric Fought said “Bachmann owes the people of Minnesota, especially her Sixth District constituents, an apology. Continue Reading →

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Rep. Michele Bachmann: ANWR “Most Perfect Place On The Planet To Drill”

(Please note the audio on this is bad at the beginning but gets better shortly into the video)
Norm Coleman cheer leads the crowd before a rally for John McCain in Blaine, Minnesota.  
Rep. Michele Bachmann goes after Obama for writing his biography twice and then blames Democrats for blocking reform that could have prevented the current financial mess.  
She says McCain wanted reform three years ago that would have prevented the economic collapse of the last week.  
Bachmann says Obama hired the man who was the head of Fannie Mae the “corrupt organization that backed the mortgages” to head up his VP search committee. But she neglects to mention that Jim Johnson resigned from that position months before Obama picked his Vice President. Continue Reading →

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