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Mayors Critical Of Pawlenty’s Federal Fund Rejection, Support Dayton For Governor

RT Rybak, Chris Coleman, Tim Kaine support Mark Dayton For Minnesota Governor

At a Mark Dayton press conference in front of Minneapolis City Hall Twin City Mayors R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman joined former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, now Chair of the Democratic National Committee in support of Dayton. Citing Dayton’s state government experience and his recent endorsements by police and fire unions, they held that Dayton is better qualified and ready to serve the needs of local governments as well as all Minnesotans. All were critical of Governor Pawlenty’s turning down federal aid to curry right wing favor in Iowa and New Hampshire in his run for the Republican presidential nomination. Continue Reading →

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MN Public Subsidies For Political Campaigns Is $3.9 Million – None for Dayton

Press release from the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board:

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board distributed $3,953,090 in public subsidy payments to 365 candidates running for state constitutional and legislative office. The 365 candidates who received a public subsidy payment represent 87% of the 416 candidates who were nominated at the August 10, 2010, primary election. A list of qualifying candidates and payments is attached to this news release. Of the 476 candidates who filed for a state constitutional or legislative seat in 2010, 412 signed voluntary agreements to abide by spending limits and other conditions of the agreement required under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 10A. To qualify for a public subsidy payment a candidate must

be opposed at either the primary or general election,
appear on the general election ballot,
sign and timely file a public subsidy agreement with the Board to abide by applicable campaign expenditure limits,
and sign and timely file an affidavit of contributions stating that the candidateaccumulated a specified amount in contributions from individuals eligible to vote in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Replay: MN State Auditor Candidates Debate In Winona

State Auditor Rebecca Otto Debates Republican Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson: Libraries are “non essential” services
Patti Garland: So if we as cities determine that libraries are part of an essential service you’re indicating you agree with that? Pat Anderson: Most, first of all, specifically with libraries, libraries are a function of counties generally, and that’s why they were put into the nonessential, in most communities in the state of Minnesota libraries are done by counties. Moderator and audience: No. Pat Anderson: Well they are in most communities. More audience members: No! Continue Reading →

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Less Drama This Time At MN Canvassing Board

The last time the Minnesota State Canvassing Board assembled, people around the world were watching.  The balance of power in the Senate, the future of health care reform  among other issues were at stake as the board tried to decide who won the very close election between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. Nothing like that this time.  Primary results were certified and the board confirmed that Minnesota had its highest primary election turnout in a decade with a record number of absentee ballots. Press release from the MN Secretary of State’s office when you continue reading. Continue Reading →

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Today’s UpTake-Tom Emmer-Great Healer Of The DFL

What will be responsible for a fast healing of the pre-primary DFL party?  According to DFL leaders it will be Tom Emmer. Throughout the primary campaign the three DFL candidates for Governor rarely fired at each other, saving most of their ammunition for the Republican Emmer. Fear of Emmer being Governor quickly brought the competing camps together after Mark Dayton was declared the primary winner. Can you count how many references were made to Emmer in speeches from Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Al Franken, Matt Entenza, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Dayton and others on Wednesday afternoon? Continue Reading →

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DFLers Unite:”The Danger Is Tom Emmer”

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Bill Clinton once said Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. At the DFL Unity Press Conference, Democrats fell in line and had no love lost for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. “Today we unite as DFLers we unite to beat Tom Emmer” said Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Unity is not something that always comes easily or naturally for Democrats. “The danger is Tom Emmer” said MN DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez

“The DFL doesn’t consider the minimum wage to be what Emmer calls socialism or the 35W bridge repair fund to be feel good legislation” said Mark Dayton

The Unity Press Conference came hours after the late-night primary race between DFL candidates Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton, and Matt Entenza. The margin between Kelliher and Dayton at times veered into recount territory. Continue Reading →

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Progressives Have Mixed Emotions Over Dayton Win

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By Bill Sorem
It may have been the heat, it may have been because the election ran so late into the night, but a sampling of Minnesota progressives we talked to this morning were reserved in their comments on the result of the DFL Governor Primary. These members of MoveOn.org were gathered for “The Other 98% Rallies (the 98% not represented by Congressional cash lobbies). At the time of the interviews, Mark Dayton was ahead, but Margaret Anderson Kelliher had not yet conceded. No matter who they supported, the responses were almost stereotypical Minnesotan. No great elation, no great disappointment. Continue Reading →

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Kelliher Concedes, Congratulates Dayton

Statement from the Margaret Anderson Kelliher Campaign:
“I just spoke with Mark Dayton and congratulated him on winning the DFL primary. I offered him my full support. He will make an excellent governor. “I am so grateful for all of the hard work of our volunteers and supporters over the last twelve months. This was a people-powered, grassroots campaign and we should all be proud of what we achieved together. Continue Reading →

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