How To Get Republicans To Yell At You

At the October 24th McCain rally in Denver, protesters stood with signs along the line to get into the event. One man in particular was very upset by one sign. The UpTake spoke with both the woman with the sign, and the man who found it so offensive.

The Neverending Vote

Election day in Denver in 2006 saw lines late into the night, and an uncountable number simply walking away from the polls. A lot of things have been changed to try and address that, including going back to systems less dependent on computerized systems. And it’s estimated that 35% of Coloradans have already voted by mail or early vote. But the ballot in Colorado is long this year. Seriously long. It took me about 45 minutes to vote it, and I skipped the judges.

Fighting The Urge To Purge In Colorado

As election time closes in, a federal law prevents the purging of voters from the rolls, even for the normal, valid reasons, like death or relocation, because it’s too easy to make mistakes or manipulate the process.  
Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffmann, who is also running as a Republican for a Congressional seat, has been purging tens of thousands of Coloradans from the voter rolls anyway.  
By Corrine L. McDermid

Final Colorado CD4 Debate- Markey V Musgrave

Betsy Markey is trying to become the first Democrat to win Colorado’s 4th Congressional District seat in decades.  Republican Marilyn Musgrave is trying to win her fourth term in what has become a very close race.  We pick up their final debate from October 21st, 2008 where they are talking about the financial rescue plan passed in Congress. Both are opposed to it.   You can find a play-by-play of the debate here from The Colorado Independent. Below we have the rest of the debate by topic including closing arguments. Video by Corinne McDermid

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National Republicans pull funding from Colorado CD4 Race.

Biden Barnstorms Battleground Colorado

Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been crisscrossing the state of Colorado.  Polls show the Barack Obama/Biden ticket is ahead in the state, but it is close.  Here he revs up the crowed at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. You can watch his entire speech and/or watch the speakers who introduced him in our playlist below.

Palin Stumps in Colorado As Early Voting Starts

Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin spoke in Loveland, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs on Monday, the same day that early voting started in Colorado.  The Republican ticket is trailing in the polls.   Below are videos from Palin’s visit to Colorado Springs shot by The UpTake’s Corrine McDermid.  


Colorado Voters Barred From Polls Speak Out

They filled out the registration form as they were told, but now thousands of Colorado voters may not be allowed to vote.  On Thursday, 16 October, a group gathered in front of Colorado Secreatary of State Mike Coffman’s office looking for redress to the denial of voting rights to people who didn’t check a confusing box on their voter registration form.  
In Colorado, new voters can provide a Driver’s License Number or the last four digits of their social security number.  However, if using their social security number, they must check a box saying they do not have a Driver’s License or official State ID.  
Coffman, who is a Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 6th District, has disallowed registrations that have a social security number but do not have the box checked. 
Wade Norris of videotaped the testimonials of people who will not be able to vote or will not be able to vote absentee, as well as community organizers who recieved conflicting information about how to register voters (specifically about the check box) in trainings put on by the Secretary of State.  That video is above.

Markey On Challenging Musgrave’s Record

Betsy Markey agrees that she was more “feisty” in her second debate with Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave than she was in the first one.  She tells The UpTake’s Corrine McDermid that’s because this debate got to focus on Musgrave’s record.  
Debate was on Monday, 13 March, in the small town of Ft. Morgan, Colorado. Battle For Colorado’s 4th Gets Heated
Challenger Betsy Markey has drawn even in the polls with Republican Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, leading to some heated exchanges in Monday night’s debate.  Full video is here. 

Delegates Ecstatic Over Obama Speech

The UpTake’s Corrine McDermid gets reaction from DNC delegates after they listen to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. This is video that was streamed from a cell phone.

Ralph Nader: Peace, Love and Hugs

Citizen Kate asks Ralph Nader what it takes to be a great leader, and more significantly – how much money does it take?  Ralph Nader hits on some finer points including, “Can you have democracy without a democratic media?”  Chock-full of great sound bytes this is one press conference you don’t want to miss!  These are highlights of our live streaming camera that is following Kate around. Tune into to see the latest live clips!

“The Police Were Itching For A Fight” – DNC Protesters

You may have heard that pepper spray was used on the first official night of the DNC, or that some protesters got arrested. The UpTake’s Eli Linch went on a mission today to find out what happened and get the protester’s side of the story. Are the charges levied on those arrested accurate? When did the tear gas come into the picture? Check out this side of the story.

John Legend : Obama “Gets” Hip Hop

John Legend has been a Barack Obama supporter even before Obama officially entered the race.   In this interview with Max Blumenthal, Legend talks about how Hurricane Katrina pulled him to be politically active, even though he says he’s been politically minded all along.  Even though Obama is not the same age as Legend, he says Obama “gets” what hip hop is about.

Citizen Kate: Women Power At The DNC

Citizen Kate gives us her own unique take on Michelle Obama’s speech and also checks in with Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington on politics, women and fashion tips.

Inside The DNC Protests

Recreate 68 is one of the controversially-named progressive groups organizing demonstrations and other activities at the 2008 DNC in Denver. The UpTake’s Chuck Olsen interviews one of the group’s founders, Mark Cohen, and documents the first big protest of the DNC. The theme was, “End the Occupation.”  
Cohen points out that the group is not named “Recreate Chicago 68” or “Recreate DNC 68” a reference to the police riots that errupted during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.  The group is dedicated to peace, and unlike those protests in 1968, these ended peacefully with no immediate reports of arrests. 
Additional footage by Corrine McDermid and Josh Mull. Live music performance by Dead Prez.

Ned Lamont Comments On Biden As VP Pick

Ned Lamont is a Barack Obama delegate this year to the Democratic National Convention. But he’s most famous for defeating Senator Joe Lieberman in a primary battle, only to lose to Lieberman when he ran as an Independent. The UpTake’s Noah Kunin asks Lamont about Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as a running mate. Lamont tells us why he likes Biden and then sidesteps a question about running again.

Racial History: High Stakes For Michelle Obama

Video by Len Edgerly–Michelle Obama addresses the DNC during “prime time,” a speech that will be seen by millions of people. There’s a lot riding on that speech. For some perspective, we talk to Wendi C. Thomas, a columnist from The Commercial Appeal Memphis who is writing about the racial history being made at this convention.  
Thomas describes her mission at the Democratic National Convention, the biggest assignment in her 16-year career as a journalist. We spoke at the opening “Celebration with Altitude” party for media and guests at Elitch Gardens.

Denver Reacts to Biden VP Pick

As Denver braces itself for the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama announced he has picked Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.  We asked people in Denver what they thought of Obama’s Vice Presidential Pick

Sky High Veep Talk

Hanging in mid-air talking about Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s VP pick with a Canadian as media and political types circle below.  It’s all being streamed live from a ferris wheel at the Democratic National Convention Media Party. Surreal, eh?