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Minority Leader Thissen: We’re Spending Money We Don’t Have


House Minority Leader Paul Thissen attacks Republican Reps. Keith Downey and Joyce Peppin during Omnibus State Government Finance Bill hearings, saying, “if you were a private business and you were going to expect these revenues in the future, so we’re gonna spend money now on the expectation that you’d get that money in the future, you’d be fired almost immediately.” Continue Reading →

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MN Rep Beard Admits GOP Opposition to Light Rail Both Economical and Ideological


Before the House floor session began today at noon, House Transportation Finance Committee Chair Mike Beard (GOP) spoke to the press and outlined the Republicans’ proposed transportation finance legislation, which would increase funding for roads and bridges in rural Minnesota but eliminate money for a planned light rail train between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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“Moving Money Around” Won’t Truly Balance Budget Says Rep. Goodwin


Representative Barbara Goodwin (DFL-Fridley) says the state can’t continue to fix it’s budget problems by “moving money around” as Republicans have proposed with taking money from plan to raid $60 million from the Douglas J Johnson Economic Development Trust Fund. Continue Reading →

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