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Bells For Haiti in North Minneapolis

Ringing bells for Haiti on the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake

The sisters of the Visitation Monastery in north Minneapolis went out on their front step at the exact time of the anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. They rang their bells in solidarity with other Twin Cities bell ringers and ringers around the world. The bells rang for 35 seconds, the duration of the quake. Continue Reading →

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Vice President Biden In Iraq For End Of Combat Ceremony

Vice President Joe Biden

According to the White House, Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in Iraq to participate in a Change of Command and Change of Mission Ceremony, fulfilling the commitment made by the President in his first month in office. A White House press release says this is the Vice President’s sixth trip to Iraq since January 2009. The United States ends its combat mission in Iraq on August 31st, having drawn down to fewer than 50,000 troops from approximately 144,000 troops in January 2009. The remaining troops will advise and assist Iraq’s security forces, conduct partnered counter-terrorism operations, and protect U.S. civilians. In accordance with an agreement between the U.S. and Iraqi governments, all U.S. forces will leave Iraq by December 31, 2011. Continue Reading →

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Young Leaders From Africa Question President Obama

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President Obama holds a town hall meeting with Young African Leaders from over 50 countries about the future of Africa in an interconnected world and the role of the United States as a partner with African nations. He is questioned by young leaders from Mali, Liberia, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Somalia Continue Reading →

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