Want to cover Twin Cities activists being teargassed live on camera? FBI raids on peace activists? How about interviewing Minnesotans about whether they feel empowered, or disenfranchised, in our political system? Be a Summer intern for The UpTake and we’ll give you a job that matches your skills and interests and some real life journalism experience at The UpTake.

We believe interns should make journalism and not coffee (we have people to make coffee and our interns are welcome to it). Our new & improved Summer program will allow three interns the chance to get up close & personal with the face of Minnesota. UpTake interns get hands-on experience mixing journalism skills with social media skills working in a cooperative environment that is built to help you succeed.

Program Track Information

Corporate Influence Investigator

Interns in this track will be following the money. The political funding game has changed immensely since the Supreme Court ruled corporations can spend on political ads. We’re going to take a look at the role hard corporate cash plays in politics by tracing the money from the boardroom to the campaign trail. Interns here should have experience with “money stories.”

Employee Protection Detective

Some of The UpTake’s most important stories are those about fired Chipotle workers, unionizing Jimmy John’s employees, or CTUL protestors. It’s not just union workers that are facing the loss of their rights, all employees could be effected by the changes being proposed in state legislatures across the country. A strong interest in workers’ right is a must for this internship.


This jack-of-all-trades intern will be helping The UpTake cover issues related to re-districting, planned events, and general breaking news. We’re looking for people with a strong tech know-how and the journalism experience to back it up. We need creative thinkers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. This internship requires significant time & effort, but it’s well worth the journalism experience.

UpTake Interns need to have some journalism experience and they need to be familiar with a video camera. A strong curiosity in Minnesota politics and the willingness to go the extra mile are a must. UpTake interns ask questions; and they don’t stop at the surface. We’re looking for the most extraordinary interns for the most extraordinary stories.

Internships are only offered for credit, though this may be flexible. To apply, please send a resume, 3-5 clips, a letter of interest, a list of 2-4 pitch stories within your track, and the attached application to

Currently The UpTake is not offering internships, but may again in the future. Interested? Contact us at