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Senate Channel Schedule Wednesday April 23

9:00 a.m. Senate floor session
Special Orders:
S.F. 2608 (Saxhaug) Grand Rapids central school commission authority repeal
S.F. 2642 (Pappas) Lawful gambling clarifying, technical and conforming modifications
H.F. 2659 (Metzen) Threading services cosmetology licensing exemption
H.F. 2536 (Pappas) Women’s Economic Security Act
S.F. 2390 (Sieben) Elections administration provisions modifications and technical changes; special school district #6, South St. Paul; school district election districts dissolution
H.F. 2948 (Sparks) Economic development obsolete and redundant laws repeal
S.F. 2449 (Hawj) Omnibus lands bill
S.F. 2047 (Marty) Newborn screening program modification

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