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Senate Channel Schedule Friday April 25

8:00 a.m. Senate Committee on Health, Human Services and Housing
Agenda: S.F. 1641 (Dibble) Medical marijuana use authorization.

11:00 a.m. Senate Floor Session
Special Orders:
H.F. 2658 (Sparks) Workers compensation advisory council recommendations adoption
S.F. 2887 (Hoffman) Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles barriers to state agencies purchase elimination
S.F. 2718 (Dziedzic) Judicial standards board monthly district judge review requirement
S.F. 2336 (Goodwin) Lawful gambling fraud provision modification
S.F. 2642 (Pappas) Lawful gambling clarifying, technical and conforming modifications
S.F. 2398 (Jensen) Minnesota liens on personal property in self-service storage act update and provisions modifications
S.F. 2733 (Eaton) Neuroleptic medication administration to civilly committed persons modification; pilot program creation for civil commitment petitions
S.F. 2042 (Jensen) Domestic abuse arrest provisions modifications
S.F. 347 (Sheran) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act update
H.F. 2656 (Lourey) All-payer claims data and database use modification

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