Allegations Of Racism By Photo Voter ID Opponents

Take Action Minnesota’s Dan McGrath called upon Minnesota Majority to take down what he called “racist” images on their website promoting voter photo ID. The website shows an black man in prison stripes standing in line to vote. McGrath also said Minnesota Majority should stop pushing for the amendment and apologize for using the images.

Minnesota Majority’s President Jeff Davis issued a statement that did not apologize, or comment on the use of images.
“Race has never been a factor in the Voter ID debate. Only Take Action Minnesota wants to raise that specter. The amendment is about equal treatment under the law and fairness,” said Davis.

Congressman Keith Ellison also outraged over “offensive images”

Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-05) released the following statement in response to photo ID proponents’ recent attempt to whip up fear and divide Minnesotans along racial lines:

“I stand with the elected officials and organizations that spoke out against photo ID proponents’ use of offensive imagery earlier today.

Unlike photo ID proponents who want to shut people out, my campaign plans on turning out thousands of new voters–because our democracy thrives when more people get involved in the political process. Our campaign is organizing voters around Minnesota values, like inclusion and fairness. Photo ID proponents’ offensive tactics do not square with those values, and I think that’s a contrast voters will understand.

State legislators should focus on bread and butter issues like creating jobs and investing in our children’s future, not divisive amendments that distract the public’s attention from the issues that matter most.

The more Minnesotans learn about photo ID, the more they think it’s a bad idea. Photo ID does nothing but turn our constitutional right to vote into a privilege. I urge our state legislature to reject this amendment and focus on working with Governor Dayton on more important issues like creating jobs.”


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