Minnesota Democrats Under Fire For Abandoning Gun Safety Effort

Anti-gun violence advocates are outraged that legislation expanding gun background checks to private sales has apparently been killed in the Minnesota House. House Speaker Paul Thissen, a Minneapolis DFLer, announced Wednesday that he would not allow the legislation to come to the floor because “neither side has been willing to come to an agreement. Because of the intensity on both sides of the issue,” Thissen said, “common-sense solutions can’t be agreed upon right now.”

Anti-gun violence campaigners Friday trained their ire on Thissen and other Democrats who they thought would be an ally in the fight to impose new restrictions on guns.

“We’ve been told our right to be safe is not as important as a right to convenience” said Heather Martens, executive director of Protect Minnesota. She spoke in front of a group of protesters outside the Minnesota House chamber. In particular, Martens called out Rep. David Dill (DFL- Crane Lake), who she says has shied away from supporting even a “modest” proposal to close the so-called “gun show loophole” in Minnesota law that allows private sales of guns without a background check.

Sami Rahamim who lost his father to gun violence in the Accent Sign mass shooting last year, said it is a mistake for Democrats to side with the National Rifle Association.

Jewish Community Action leader Vic Rosenthal called for a vote so people would know who to put pressure on in the future.



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