Bachmann Campaigns At American Legion Convention

Video by Jacob Wheeler
Representative Michelle Bachmann address the same group of US war veterans President Obama did two days ago. She tries to compare herself to Britian’s Margaret Thatcher, and while doing so makes a historical gaffe, claiming the Fauklands war that boosted Thatcher’s popularity was fought in 1992. It happened a decade earlier in 1982.

Full video of Michelle Bachmann’s speech to the American Legion plus her comments on “half-heartedly” deployed troops.

Bachmann also implied US troops were committed “half-heartedly” to the war in Afghanistan. That war was started under President George W. Bush in response to the 9/11 attacks on the US.

“As President, my decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan will be based upon military considerations. They will not be based upon my own political considerations.

“We must and we can win Afghanistan, but we must provide General (John) Allen the resources he deserves in order to win this conflict. In 2007 I spoke out in support of the surge that was brilliantly employed by David Petraeus, a national hero. And I will continue to support that strategy.

“But we should never put our troops into harms way unless there there is first a clear and vital United States interest and mission.

“We never will half-heartedly commit our troops to battle without a true end plan. Without knowing our enemy. And also knowing our mission.”


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