Bachmann & Clark Final Debate -Blog And Post Debate Interviews

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More money has been spent on Minnesota’s sixth congressional district race than in any other House race in the country. The reason is Representative Michele Bachmann. Her comments on Fox News and elsewhere as well as her support of the Tea Party has made her a national figure. Bachmann and her Democratic opponent Tarryl Clark met for their one and only televised debate on KSTP-TV. Also debating is Independence Party candidate Bob Anderson. We weren’t allowed to stream the debate, but KSTP-TV does have a replay of it posted here.

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The UpTake’s Craig Stellmacher was at the debate and covered the post-debate interviews:

Craig Stellmacher writes:
Minnesota’s 6th District, the most expensive House race in the country. I watched a heated debate on Tom Hauser’s At Issue on KSTP Channel 5, and immediately afterwards met with Rep. Michele Bachmann, Bob Anderson, and Senator Tarryl Clark. I noticed during the debate, that Bachmann repeatedly interrupted Clark, and counted 5 interruptions for Bachmann, to 1 for Clark.

Afterwards I wanted to talk to all three about how the media had covered their race. I’d planed to ask all of them: “Do you think the media has accurately portrayed you and your opponent?” Only thing is, Bachmann is now refusing to talk to TheUptake, when she had taken my questions previously. Bob Anderson, brought up the media issue before I did, and went after the Star Tribune reporter about how they never mention he’s in the race, or worse, telling everyone in their endorsement “voting for Anderson is a wasted vote”. And finally with Clark, “Do you think Bachmann has a strategy to interrupt you at these debates?” “Absolutely”–she responded.


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