Replay-Bill Clinton Campaigns In Bachmann Territory

On Sunday night, former President Bill Clinton makes a campaign stop on behalf of Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates in St. Cloud, Minnesota. About 1,100 crammed into a room to listen to Clinton’s speech and a total of 4,000 crowded into the campus to see the former President.

Clinton started his speech by championing Democrat Jim Graves to defeat Tea Party favorite Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. She recently debated her Democratic opponent Jim Graves in St. Cloud and Bachmann was laughed at by the debate audience when she claimed she didn’t do “political speak.” A TV station poll in this district showed Bachmann ahead by 9 points in the race, but Graves’ campaign says its internal polling shows her lead is a narrow 2 points. Clinton visited Minnesota in 2010 specifically to campaign against Bachmann. This is Clinton’s second campaign stop in Minnesota in less than a week.

Video and highlights

Full event:

Here’s some of the video that ran before the event. It includes the “speed talking” guy.

Senator Al Franken:

Congressional candidate Jim Graves introduces Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton:


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