MN Auditor And Secretary Of State Candidates Debate On TV

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Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (DFL) debated his Republican opponent Dan Severson  on TPT’s Almanac hosted by Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola.

A brief but heated debate where Secretary Ritchie is proud of his record, but Severson disagrees, and worries of fraud and presses for photo-voter id.

Also on the show Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto (DFL) debated her Republican opponent Pat Anderson and the Green Party’s Annie Young.

A note, this is shot from our camera in the TPT studio and sometimes the view is blocked by TPT’s cameras and floor crew, which is understandable since they are doing a live broadcast and we’re doing our best not to get in the way. We appreciate that TPT allowed us in to video tape. It is shown as a document of what was said, but apologies to all for it is substandard without Pat Anderson’s face at times.

This is the first televised debate, but if you’ve been watching The Uptake, you would have seen the previous debates Ritchie and Severson had this month and Otto and Anderson had last month. Both which were seen live on The UpTake.

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  1. This was shot by The UpTake’s camera inside TPT’s studio. That’s why you see people walking in front of the camera sometimes and the cameras blocking the shot occasionally.

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