Replay-Common Cause Files Major Campaign Finance Complaint Against MN Future

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Common Cause Executive Director Mike Dean says Minnesota Future LLC has violated several of Minnesota’s campaign finance laws with the intent of concealing who is donating money to run advertisements supporting mostly Republican candidates. Common Cause has filed a complaint with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board over $428,000 Minnesota Future LLC took from the Republican Governors Association. Common Cause says Minnesota Future LLC failed to properly register with the state campaign finance board and because it tried to hide the contributions, it could face $5.1 million in civil penalties and possibly criminal prosecution.

Common Cause says Minnesota Future LLC probably did this to shield corporate donors from the kind of backlash that hit Target after it donated to Minnesota Forward, an organization that is supporting the election of Republican Tom Emmer for Governor. Target may have lost millions in dollars in sales because of a boycott fueled by Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender groups (GLBT) upset over Emmer’s non-gay friendly policies.

Following the Common Cause news conference, Chris Tiedeman, a spokesman for Minnesota Future, called the Common Cause complaint “humorous” and “a joke” saying Minnesota Future had followed the letter of the law.

In an earlier version of this article The UpTake inadvertently and incorrectly referred to Minnesota Forward.  Minnesota Forward was not part of the complaints filed by Common Cause Minnesota and there have been no allegations of campaign finance wrongdoing leveled against Minnesota Forward.

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