One thought on “Jobs Top Agenda As Dayton Meets House GOP Leadership

  1. While we go to 4 day school weeks in parts of Minnesota, we once again saw the press conference between Governor-Elect Dayton, who met with Speaker-Elect Zellers dominated by “Metrodome-replacement questions.

    We have lost, 5 out of 106 panels, and the deductible is around $1.5 Mil, “so we need a new stadium”. “But it will create 8,000 jobs”–is the reply. Are we creating jobs, by buying a new stadium, could we create other jobs cheaper, is the question. Jay Wiener, argues well in yesterday’s column, to be very suspect of these “jobs created numbers”, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, roughly the same size as ours projected, employed 5-6,000, with 1/3 of that, at its peak. Where does the 8,000 jobs created by the Metrodome replacement come from : The Metropolitan Sports Commission.

    Jay Wierner, urges the new Governor, to ask for an independent review if he can, by the state of this “8,000” number.

    So far, one Senator has stepped forward, Senator Julie Rosen, who suggests capturing the tax dollars collected for the Minneapolis Civic Center, when it is paid off, to pay for a new stadium. Dayton, seems to be pledging, not to spend reveue dollars on a stadium replacement, would he go along with such a plan?

    Craig Stellmacher

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