Democracy Online: Help The UpTake Grill The Candidates For Mayor Of Minneapolis!

The UpTake is sponsoring its own debate in the contest for Mayor of Minneapolis and we need your help!


Do you have a question for the people who want to be the next mayor of Minneapolis? Do you think even with 35 candidates for mayor and dozens of candidate forums that something important to you or your city has been neglected? Are you confused about how Ranked Choice Voting will affect the process? Do you just love or hate the cut of someone’s jib and it drives you crazy or makes you swoon that he/she might be the next mayor?

Well, Bunky, that’s why The UpTake is soliciting suggestions for questions we can put to the candidates on Tuesday, Oct. 22, when we livestream our campaign forum at 7:30 p.m. from the downtown Minneapolis campus of the University of St. Thomas. Submit your questions, watch the show and see if you make the candidates sweat!

Email your questions to or tweet them to @uptakemn. Please use the hashtag #Mplsmayor as part of your tweet. To find out more or to comment on Facebook, go to our Facebook page: (Click here to go there!)

Tweeted questions will show up in our live blog for this post.

– Nick Coleman
Executive Editor/The UpTake


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