Video Replay: DFL 2016 State Convention & Results

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Delegates to Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party convention met Saturday in Minneapolis to elect national delegates, vote on platform issues and listen to candidates speak. You can watch the video replay of the entire convention or just watch some of our edited video highlights.

Videos, live blog and convention delegate election results

Video at top: Afternoon session
Videos below: Morning session, selected highlights

NOTE: because of YouTube copyright restrictions we are trying not to broadcast music. So you may not always hear audio on our feed.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton selected delegates in a room outside the main convention hall. You can watch that here.

Convention results

A non-binding resolution calling for the end of “super delegates” was approved 552 to 480.

The numbers of delegates for Clinton and Sanders were determined by statewide election results. The question before the convention was who would fill those delegate slots.

Bernie Sanders national delegates & alternates elected:
1. Muhammad Abdurrahman
2. Gabe Aderhold
3. Michael Gibino
4. John Neitge
5. Frank Hornstein
6. Keith McClain
7. Will Moore
A1. Michael Bearfoot
A2. Jacob Mazurek

1. Yishu Dài
2. Mara Glubka
3. Shakia McDavid
4. Erika Onsrud
5. Shauna Kaylene Wimmer Valdez
6. Margaret Breen
7. Nelsie Yang
8. Lisa Bender
9. Ashley Fairbanks
A1. Fartun Weli
A2. Susan Wolfe

Hillary Clinton national delegates & alternates elected:
1. Liz De la Torre
2. Maychy Vu
3. Ellen Luger
4. Edwina Peterson
5. Katrina Cullen
6. Andie Whitaker
7. Claudia Cody
A1. Marie McCarthy

1. Ahmed Abdul
2. Zach Peterson
3. David Tomlinson
4. Mike Arulfo
A1. Patrick Kelliher

Democratic National Committee Members elected:
Ron Harris
JP Barone
Lori Sellner
Elly Zaragoza

The convention adjourned before it elected presidential electors or state directors. Those elections will happen at the party’s state central committee in August.

Convention highlights
Note: We had a stream disruption during Gov. Dayton’s speech. It’s posted below.

Senator Al Franken

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Rep. Rick Nolan

Sen. Franken Rips Donald Trump Without Mentioning His Name

Thank you to AFSCME Council 5 for sponsoring our convention coverage

Thank you to AFSCME Council 5 for sponsoring our convention coverage

Call to Order (time certain 9:00am)
Flag Ceremony
National Anthem
Pledge of Allegiance
Welcome speeches
Affirmative Action Outreach & Inclusion Statement
Election of Convention Co-Chairs
Credentials Report I: Resolution of credentials challenges
Credentials Report II: Upgrading of Alternates
Rules Committee Report: Adoption of agenda and permanent rules
Guest Speakers – TBD (throughout day)
Platform Committee Report I

Platform Ballot Distribution
Democratic National Committee Members Elections

*Nominations Committee Report I on 4 DNC Members

Election of 4 DNC Members

Democratic National Convention Delegates & Alternates Elections (not earlier than 11:30am)

Election of 10 PLEO (Party Leader & Elected Official) Delegates

Election of 17 At-Large Delegates

Election of 6 Alternates

Break for Lunch

*Platform Committee Report II

Special Consideration Period
Constitution Committee Report

(Platform balloting concludes at 3:00pm)

Presidential Electors Elections

*Nominations Committee Report II on 2 Presidential Electors

Election of 2 Presidential Electors

State Directors Elections

*Nominations Committee Report III on 16 Directors

Election of 16 State Directors

Other Business


*NOTE: Consideration of committee reports, consideration of resolutions, and brief greetings by party and elected dignitaries may occur throughout the day during balloting or other lulls in convention business at the discretion of the chair.

Live Blog DFL State Convention

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