DFL Chair: Republicans Violate Public Trust, Run Campaigns out of Capitol

Who is the woman wearing the “Ted Daley For Senate” shirt in the above video? If you know Twitter @uptakemn with your answer.

DFL Chair Ken Martin blasted Senate Republicans today during a news conference at the State Capitol for allegedly using public expenditures and public facilities to conduct their own re-election campaigns. This week several videos emerged, including this one from ChecksAndBalances.com and posted by The UpTake, seem to suggest that Minnesota Republicans may be using state resources at the State Capitol building to campaign, which would be a violation of Senate policy.

“This is about the public trust,” said Ken Martin, who filed a complaint this morning with Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman. “When we have people here working for the entire state, they shouldn’t engage in activity that benefits only one side. It’s wrong, it violates state law, and someone needs to be held accountable.”

Martin called on Senate Leader Dave Senjem to keep his Republican caucus in line.


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