Discussing Minnesota’s Clean Energy Future

Minnesota is at a crossroads on energy. We can continue to invest in clean energy and efficiency or we can choose coal and continue polluting our air and water while sending billions of dollars out of the state. While Minnesota is a clean energy leader, we still get almost 60 percent of our electricity from coal.

Xcel, Minnesota’s biggest utility, can do more to put us on a path to a clean energy future. Their energy plan still relies too heavily on burning coal and it’s not ambitious enough with renewable energy and efficiency. Xcel also operates the largest global warming polluter in Minnesota—the Sherco plant.

Join Campus Beyond Coal and the Sierra Club for a discussion of the future of clean energy. Making the Switch: A Discussion about Minnesota’s Clean Energy Future will feature Fresh Energy’s science policy director J. Drake Hamilton and senior Xcel representative Rick Evans among others, and you’ll get a chance to ask questions about Xcel’s plan for Minnesota’s energy future.

Making the Switch: A Discussion about Minnesota’s Clean Energy Future
March 1, 2012, 7:00PM
Akerman Hall, Room 319
University of Minnesota East Bank
Minneapolis, MN

Dick Hemmingsen, managing director, Initiative for Renewable Energy & the Environment
J. Drake Hamilton, science policy director, Fresh Energy
Rick Evans, director, Regional Government Affairs, Xcel Energy
Steve Kelley, former state senator, Humphrey School Fellow


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