Ethics Committee Tells MN Senator To Apologize For Tweet

Minnesota’s Senate Ethics committee hears a complaint against first-term Senator Gretchen Hoffman (R-Vergas) over a tweet she sent out during a debate over the metal health budget. Hoffman had tweeted that Senator Barb Goodwin (DFL-Fridley) was calling mentally ill people “imbiciles”.

Here’s the twitter:

#Sen Goodwin just called people with mental illness- idiots and imbeciles- while debating HHS bill #offensive #mndfl #mnsrc #mnleg

That was false. Goodwin, as seen in this video, was talking about how the mentally ill had been referred to in the past.

The Minnesota Senate sub-committee on ethical behavior votes that Senator Hoffman must issue a written apology for the tweet because she was in violation of the following rule.

56.2 A member shall not publish or distribute written material if the member knows or has reason to know that the material includes any statement that is false or clearly misleading, concerning a public policy issue or concerning the mem

Video of the hearing starts with video playback of what Senator Goodwin said during the debate and then continues with the ethics hearing.


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