Ex-Offenders Want A Second Chance

Would you hire an ex-felon to work at your company? Former Minnesota Governor Al Quie would.

“A forgiving heart is essential for every individual,” said Quie. “If not, you’re part of the problem.”

Quie joined former St. Paul Police Chief and now DFL Senator John Harrington, Republican Senator Doug Magnus and other members of the Second Chance Coalition calling for changes in Minnesota law that will help reintegrate ex-felons into society.

Currently ex-felons can’t vote while they are on probation. Once they complete probation they are allowed to vote. The Second Chance Coalition says allowing ex-felons who are still on probation and living in the community to vote would re-enfranchise more than 60,000 Minnesotans. One in 26 Minnesotans are under some sort of correctional supervision.

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