It Depends On What Your Definition Of “One Or More” Is

With the state of Minnesota considering a line of credit and short-term borrowing, Governor Tim Pawlenty has decided to accept federal healthcare funds. But Pawlenty will only be applying for grants that are in Minnesota’s best interest, Commissioner of Human Services Cal Ludeman told the Minnesota Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy. What’s best for Minnesota, Representative Tony Sertich said, is for Minnesota tax dollars to come back from Washington.

The session turned into a semantics tango over language about how many grants the state should apply for. The commissioners leaned toward “one or more” meaning “one and no more,” while House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher interpreted “one or more” as meaning “all.”

When asked for a list of a list of grants the state hasn’t applied for, Ludeman said it would be quicker to read the list of grants the state has applied for.

TUESDAY, September 7, 2010 – 10:30 AM
Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy
Room: 15 State Capitol
Chairs: Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller
Agenda: ● Cash flow update
● Short-term borrowing
● Medicaid/FMAP
● Other federal grants

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