Video Replay: GOP Candidates Debate To Replace Rep. John Kline

Seven people are running for the Republican endorsement for Minnesota’s only open congressional seat. Pam Myhra, John Howe, David Gerson, Darlene Miller, and Jason Lewis were at Monday night’s debate at the Cannon Falls High School. David Benson-Staebler was a no show, but a new candidate Gene Rechtzigel joined the debate.

The questions covered second amendment gun rights, climate change, renewable energy, Obamacare, “Islamic terrorism”, problems at the Veterans Administration, building a “zip rail”, affordable college and defunding Planned Parenthood because it does abortions.

As they have in past debates, presumptive frontrunners Lewis and Howe attacked each other. Howe pointed out that Lewis does not live in the district. Howe also said that Lewis claimed he was pro-choice when he ran for congress in Colorado. Lewis went after Howe again for giving Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton a “blank check” when he voted for a bonding bill.

The Goodhue County Republicans organized the debate.

You can watch a replay of the entire debate in the above video player. You can also read the play-by-play of the debate on our live blog.

Live Blog MN GOP CD2 Debate

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