Governor Dayton Backs Voter Photo ID Alternative

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Richie demonstrates a new electronic voter photo ID system that solves the stated objectives of the Republican proposed Photo Voter ID amendment at much lower cost and without the limitations and rigidity of the proposal.

This inexpensive system provides photo display of registered voters in the polling place either on a computer terminal or on a printed voter roster. New registrations can be captured from drivers license, student photo ID or by taking a picture.

In addition to providing a news level of security, it gives election officials new tools to speed up and control accuracy of post election processing.

The proposed amendment would disenfranchise at least 84,000 voters and as many as several hundred thousand. It also creates a new parallel election system of provisional ballots at an as yet unknown cost that could delay final results of an election for 7 – 10 days. It writes into the constitution a rigid requirement for 20th century technology – printed photos.

The Secretary of State proposal uses current technology to distribute and display photos and leaves the door open for implementation of evolving technology without amending the state constitution. This system was proposed by a bi-partisan commission, Governor Dayton noted that governors Carlson and Pawlenty had stated the need for bi-partisan changes to election law.

Raw video of the Governor Dayton’s news conference


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